This gallery is where I’ll be posting the finished first stage of production for each of my doodles.

I generally come up with a composition, roughly blocked out at small scale and nailing down the overall layout. Then I fill it in more or less randomly with the shapes you encounter across my work. The hardest part is knowing where to start with the detail once the layout and composition is blocked out. The intimidation of a (largely) blank page is quite something, but once I get a couple of shapes down they just seem to flow from my pencil.

My current preferred medium is pencils in a Moleskine. They’re portable, and the page-size isn’t too intimidating. The one drawback is that some pieces want to be bigger, and I have dreams of putting pencil, pen or brush to multiple large canvases in future.

These are then traced in Inkscape as .SVG files to produce printable PDFs, and then coloured. The stages of that process can be found in the Works in Progress gallery.

The first 7 sketches are available as PDFs to print and colour in if you register a free subscriber account and future additions will be available to my Patreon subscribers. For a small consideration of $1 per month you gain access to all existing lineart PDFs and any new ones as they are published. Look out for an announcement of when my Patreon goes live, or be automatically notified by email if you are a subscriber.

More sketches will be added to this as they are completed.

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